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Senior Will Walker at SEHS Receives $32,000 Scholarship to study Theater at AUM

Will Walker, back row in the AUM shirt, is surrounded by friends and family after signing to accept a $32,000 scholarship to study theater. He is the first such scholarship recipient at Stanhope Elmore High School.


Will Walker, a senior at Stanhope Elmore High School, is the first-ever student to receive a full-tuition scholarship for Theatre studies at the school.

He signed his letter accepting the scholarship from Auburn University at Montgomery last week in front of a big crowd of family, friends and fellow theater members in the library.

Walker, 17, didn’t get involved in acting until his junior year, he said, but he has put his heart into it, and caught the eye of AUM, which offered him the $32,000 scholarship.

He is the son of Michael and Ramona Walker.

Principal Ewell Fuller said he is extremely proud of Will’s accomplishment, all of the theater students, and gave a special shout out to instructor and director Brady Walker who recently took over the program.

“I told Mr. Walker that I wanted him to get our theater program off the ground, and he has done way more than that,” Fuller said. “I hope to have a lot more signings like this one in the future.”

As for Mr. Brady, he said that while he understands it is his job to inspire his students, his greatest inspiration comes from them every day. He loves getting up in the morning and heading to school to work with his students.

Elmore County School Superintendent Richard Dennis praised Will and his fellow students for having the courage to take part in theater and put themselves out there on stage.

Dennis said that one of the biggest fears in general among people Will’s age, is standing to speak or perform in front of their peers and family. He told Will that all of the lessons he has learned in theater, will help him throughout his entire life.

Congratulations Will on this amazing accomplishment! Good luck at AUM and we want to keep reporting on your adventures and success stories.