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Lori Davis Takes the Helm as Clerk for the City of Millbrook

By Andrew Edwards

Staff Writer

The City of Millbrook hired their new clerk, Lori Davis, on March 2nd, 2021, and she’s had nothing short of a warm welcome from fellow employees and community members.

“The City of Millbrook is seriously the best. Everyone here at city hall is fantastic, and I couldn’t ask to work with a better team,” Davis said.

Davis, a Prattville resident, went to Prattville High School before graduating from Auburn University at Montgomery in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She explained that her family has been a part of the local community for many years, owning several different businesses.

“Before I was hired here, I helped work at three of my family’s businesses – Davis Insurance, Davis Properties, and Corky’s Custom Homes. It’s been really interesting seeing how things work from the property management side of things, and then coming to work for the city and seeing how they deal with things. It’s been really neat,” Davis explained.

Davis said that the job responsibilities that she had at her family’s businesses were vastly different than her undertakings as the Millbrook City Clerk. However, that hasn’t affected her productivity – because the rest of the staff is always there to have her back.

“We’ve all worked together so well, and if there’s something that I don’t know, then someone else is quick to jump in and help. The job itself is very different, but the team atmosphere here makes it that much easier. We all work together on everything anyway,” Davis said.

As her duties as clerk, Davis will keep Millbrook City records, prepare the city council with packets, post public notices, and take notes at council meetings.

“I’m here for the citizens, and I want to help represent them. If anyone wants the agenda or minutes from the city council meeting, then they can always email me and request to have it. If there’s any sort of public record that people want to see, they would need to come through me,” Davis said.

Currently, the City of Millbrook has not posted the minutes for any 2021 city council meetings on their website; however, Davis says that they are currently working on a system to get them to the public in a more effective fashion.

Those wanting to get into contact with the Millbrook City Clerk can do so at 334-285-6428.