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New Millbrook Area Chamber of Commerce Director Says This is a New Day for Millbrook

By Andrew Edwards

Staff Writer

Brenda Dennis, Elmore County resident, has been hired by the Millbrook Area Chamber of Commerce to take over as their director.

Dennis, who has an extensive background in marketing and communications, was offered the job after making quite a name for herself over the past 20 plus years.

After graduating from Huntington College, Dennis worked for several companies before finding herself as the Development Director for the Alabama Dance Theatre in Montgomery. While there, Dennis forged relationships that would last her a lifetime.

“I worked for the Alabama Dance Theater for 15 years and it was such an awesome experience. Everyone there felt like a big family,” Dennis said. “When I first started there, the operating budget was at $450,000 and when I left it was around $750,000. So, I was proud that I was able to help move them in a positive direction”.

Dennis was then offered a job at River Region United Way, a decision that she said was not easy.

“I prayed a lot with that decision and I struggled mightily, because I loved where I was working so much. I ultimately made the move because I wanted to keep challenging myself with new opportunities,” Dennis said.

And Dennis would continue to challenge herself by making the move to the Millbrook Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Millbrook is a growing community and I really felt like the position aligned with my skill set. I have experience in marketing and communications, fundraising, and I have extensively worked with volunteers of all kinds,” Dennis said. “Even though Millbrook has been here for a long time, this sort of feels like a new beginning”.

Furthermore, Dennis is a member of the Montgomery Rotary Club and has been named a Paul Harris Fellow – which is given to those who have made outstanding contributions to The Rotary Foundation.

As for her plan for the city, Dennis says that she has two main focuses at the moment.

“We need to have a good relationship with our businesses because they really are the life-blood of the community. We want to be there and use ourselves as an avenue to help benefit them,” Dennis said. “We also want to have good ties with the city and with Mayor Al Kelley. It’s important for us to help lift up their strategies and plans for the city”.

“I, as well as the rest of the City of Millbrook, am very eager to work alongside Brenda. Together, we hope to help Millbrook reach heights that it’s never been to before”, said Ann Harper, Economic Development Director for the City of Millbrook.

Dennis, who officially started her directorial position on April 1st, says that she has had nothing short of a warm welcome so far from the Millbrook community.

“We had a chamber luncheon two weeks ago, and I had business owners, commissioners, and councilmen coming up to me and introducing themselves. The biggest thing that I came away with from those meetings were just how excited people were for the future growth of Millbrook,” Dennis said.

Ultimately, Dennis had one key message that she wanted community members to hear.

“This is a new day for Millbrook. I’m going to do everything in my power to help this city prosper in the best way possible,” Dennis said.