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Review of Millbrook’s Neighborhood Grill: Excellent New Option with Great Food and Service

Shrimp and Grits dinner.

Editor’s Note: Follow the Millbrook Neighborhood Grill for more information, their menu and hours on their Facebook page at



I am not one to usually do food reviews, but I am making an exception.

The Neighborhood Grill recently opened in Millbrook. We (The Elmore/Autauga News) covered the announcement early on for our website, as well as the Grand Opening.

However, I personally had not yet made a visit to the establishment, but heard rave reviews.

Honestly, me and the fuzzy husband type person rarely eat out. His skills in the kitchen are usually far better than anything we would go out for. However…..

Tuesday evening, with hunger upon us and neither with the desire to mess up the kitchen, we decided now would be a great time to try out this restaurant we have heard so much about.

  • I am sure glad we did.

There was no waiting line at around 5 p.m. when we arrived. We were welcomed warmly, and seated immediately. Our waiter, Jordan, arrived with charm, a sense of humor and recommendations.

Mel ordered the Shrimp and Grits plate. I ordered the Shrimp Alfredo. We ordered the appetizer of the Onion Petals.

It was a slam dunk.

So nice, with our Louisiana roots, to find a local restaurant that actually understands how to season food with more than salt and pepper. In fact, my husband Mel said, “This is the best Shrimp and Grits I have ever had.” When I tell you that is high praise, believe me.

The portions were nicely sized. In fact, Mel brought part of his home. This big girl made a very happy plate and no doggie bags were needed.

If you have not gone by to try it yet, you may want to add it to your plans.

In speaking with Jordan, he told us the restaurant is still trying to get to full staff, and has a lot more to come down the road when they do. I am here to testify that what we found Tuesday was already exceptional. I look very forward to future visits.

The restaurant is located off Hwy. 14 next to Food Outlet. The design is fresh and modern, the music piping in was upbeat, and the service was truly incredible.

Visit their Facebook page posted above for any questions, or links to menu, hours, and general information.