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Autauga County Board of Education Votes in Timothy Tidmore as New Superintendent

By Gerri Miller

Staff Writer

Timothy Tidmore, deputy superintendent for federal programs and student services at Albertville City School District, will be the new Autauga County School Superintendent effective Jan. 1, 2021.

The Autauga County Board of Education voted in Tidmore over five other finalists for the position.  The initial vote was 4-0, but a board member changed the vote to make it unanimous 5-0 for Tidmore. Board members discussed the candidates and made recommendations before writing their votes on cards.

District 2 Board Member Jim Manderson said he believes Tidmore is the best fit for Autauga County. “His qualifications along with the comments and responses he gave were insightful,” Manderson said. “During the school tour, the thing I noticed the most was that he was seeking to understand us before providing solutions.”

Board Chairman Make Hindman said Tidmore has a strong background in federal programs as well as curriculums. “He knows education and ethics. He has a backbone and listens before he takes action,” Hindman said.

Hindman also said it is important that he has experience as a principal on every level-elementary, middle, and high schools.

Mayor Bill Gillespie attended the meeting and said that he appreciates the hard work the Board has done in the selection process. “I look forward to working with the board and the newly appointed superintendent,” he said. “The City, the County and the students are the big winners tonight.”

Tidmore is a graduate of Auburn University (BS, Secondary General Science Composite), The University of Alabama (MA in Secondary General Science Composite) and Jacksonville State University (P-12 Administration Certificate Add-On). He began his teaching career more than 30 years ago as the Advanced Chemistry and AP Biology teacher at North Jackson High School.

He has served as the Assistant Principal of a K-12 school where he was also the 7th-12th teacher and he also served at two middle schools. Tidmore was the building principal for a 5th – 6th grade school, special education coordinator for two systems, and a central office administrator. Tidmore has served as an administrator for Albertville City Schools since September 2001.

Prior to being appointed Deputy Superintendent, Tidmore served as the Director of Federal Programs/Student Services for Albertville City Schools from July 1, 2011 until being appointed Deputy Superintendent on July 1, 2019.  While his title changed to Deputy Superintendent, his duties and areas of responsibility did not.  He is responsible for all Federal grant programs, Special Education Department and staff,  system McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison, Section 504 Director, Enrollment Office, Truancy Office, Migrant Out of School Youth state fiscal director, School Counseling Program, School Nurse Program, IT Department, EL program and staff, Maintenance Department, Transportation Department, Facilities Department, Title IV Compliance Director, System Disciplinary Due Process Hearing Officer, Compliance Monitoring Director, and System Safety Program Director.

“I work closely with our financial office in all budget matters, ensuring compliance with both federal and state guidelines. I have budget responsibilities for all programs operating with federal funds and several budgets that utilize state funding,” he said after his interview.

In addition to the above experiences, Tidmore has also been an adjunct Biology Instructor for Northeast Alabama Community College.

Tidmore said he has a great deal of experience in facilities management and construction. “Most recently, I have been involved from the ground up on two major building projects,” he said. “I was involved from the initial meeting with the architect to the final inspection with the State Building Commission. In addition, I am the supervisor for our facilities department.”

Tidmore said he has seen first-hand the importance extracurricular activities have on his students. “My sons were involved in athletics and fine arts. I served as an officer in their booster clubs throughout their high school attendance,” he said. “Often time, extracurricular activities are the things that keep students in school and graduating.”

He said he believes that a school system should offer a well-rounded extracurricular “menu” of offerings. “Each student should have the opportunity to find their niche in every school,” he said.

Tidmore said that increasing communication and building trust are two of the most important parts of a superintendent’s jobs. He outlined to the Board his 100-day plan to increase communication and building trust during his interview.

“It includes students, parents, staff members, administrators, community leaders and district personnel,” he said. “I truly believe that your superintendent must be able to lead people, not numbers. I am not looking at this position as a stepping stone for the next position. I am looking for a position in which I can work with an outstanding staff and leave a positive impact for our students.”

 The new superintendent will lead the Autauga County School District beginning in 2021. Out of thirty-six candidates, six finalists were selected by a search committee selected by the Board.