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Alabama Medicaid Coverage Changes Are Coming Oct. 1; Main Street Family Care Accepting New Patients

From Betsy Stewart

Main Street Family Care

MainStreet Family Care has joined the Alabama Coordinated Health Networks as a group provider and will be accepting new Alabama Medicaid Primary Care patients starting October 1st. These new changes to Alabama Medicaid will also allow any Medicaid patient to visit a MainStreet Family Care clinic for urgent care without a referral. Open seven days a week, late nights, and weekends, Alabama Medicaid patients will be free to walk-in without an appointment and receive the quality care they need. 

Alabama Medicaid has historically operated on the Patient 1st model, where each patient was assigned a Primary Care Provider. Beginning October 1st, Alabama Coordinated Health Network will contract with Primary Care groups to provide Alabama Medicaid patents the opportunity to choose their Primary Care Provider rather than be assigned a provider. MainStreet Family Care aims to make healthcare affordable and accessible. “It is our mission to provide quality medical care to anyone who needs it. These Medicaid changes remove the red tape and allow us to treat any Medicaid patient that walks in our doors,” explains MainStreet Family Care Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Timothy Taylor. “With Alabama Medicaid’s Patient 1st plan, Medicaid patients were forced to obtain a referral or approval from their primary care doctor–or even pay out of pocket for care that they may have needed urgently. Beginning October 1st, these additional steps won’t be necessary.” Medicaid Patients who meet specific criteria will also have the opportunity to join MainStreet Family Care’s Family Select program.

Alabama Medicaid

Alabama Medicaid is the largest program providing medical and health-related services to children, family, and individuals in need. The Alabama Medicaid Agency began operations in 1970 and provides programs that pay for medical and long-term care services for low-income pregnant women, children, certain people on Medicare, disabled individuals and nursing home residents. Medicaid enrollment is voluntary, and individuals must meet certain income and other requirements to enroll. Additional information about Alabama Medicaid and press releases can be found at

About MainStreet Family Care

Birmingham, Ala.-based MainStreet Family Care is a Medical Group specializing in serving rural communities in Alabama. In addition to a full-range of urgent care services, MainStreet Family Care also delivers a variety of preventative, wellness and occupational health services. MainStreet currently has sixteen locations throughout Alabama including the state’s first pediatric urgent care clinics, KidsStreet Urgent Care. More information about MainStreet Family Care can be found at