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Professional Billing Incorporated (PBI) Relocating to Prattville from Montgomery; Will Bring 60 New Jobs to Community

By Andrew Edwards

Staff Writer

Economic development in Prattville is on the rise, and the most recent announcement this morning includes new jobs coming to the city from Professional Billing Incorporated (PBI). 

On Monday morning, Central Alabama Electric Company hosted various Prattville city officials, first responders, and business owners at their Prattville location. 

It was announced that PBI would be relocating from their Montgomery site to Prattville and will be in operation in early 2020. The company is currently taking the necessary steps toward creating a suitable office space, where they will be housed on the second floor of the CAEC building in Prattville. 

PBI was formed over 30 years ago as a medical billing and practice management company to provide services to physicians, doctors, and medical facilities. The business was started by Tom Levins in the late 80s, and was purchased by his son, David. Nearly 10 years ago, David Levins partnered with Doug Bush and both of which are now company executives. 

Bush believes this move to Prattville will be beneficial to not only the company but to the community as well. 

“We think this move is going to be an ideal setup for our employees,” Bush said. “The employees are the backbone of our business. This is a beautiful facility, and our office will be built to fit our specs and to specifically suit our needs. We should be looking at 60 plus new jobs for the Prattville community.” 

Not only is the move a great opportunity for the city to fill more jobs, it’s also a great opportunity for those who work with company to be a little closer to home. 

“A lot of our employees are actually from the Prattville area and so the move here is great for much of our workforce. We’re really excited about that, and we’re just eager to get here at the first of the year,” Bush explained.

Tom Stackhouse, President and CEO of Central Alabama Electric Cooperative, had nothing but pleasant things to say about the relocation of PBI.

“We’re very excited that PBI will be joining the Prattville and Autauga County community. I’m so happy that they were able to join us here today,” Stackhouse said. “We welcome you [PBI] as not only neighbors but as friends.” 

Bush and Levins hope that their move to Prattville will be more than a quick stay. 

“We’re excited for what the future holds for our company and how this great facility is going to add to our business. We thank you, we thank you for having us and we want this to be a long term solution and presence for our business.”