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Pilot Club of Prattville Celebrates Easter with Area Special Needs Students

From: Connie Rogers

For a number of years, the Pilot Club of Prattville has hosted Easter Egg Hunts at Prattville-area schools for their special needs students. 

The pandemic and quarantine made that impossible in 2020, but thankfully, we were able to resume this tradition this year. 

 We were able to host hunts at Prattville High School, Prattville Junior High School, Daniel Pratt Elementary School, Prattville Elementary School and we were able to provide party supplies for Prattville Kindergarten. 

Pilot International’s Treasurer, Lisa Patterson attended several of the hunts and Pilot International Alabama District Governor played the role of Peter Rabbit at some of the hunts.  We are proud to have the support of these women in our community.