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Autauga County To Hire Chief Financial Officer; Four Candidates Interviewed

By Gerri Miller

Autauga County School Supt. Timothy Tidmore

EAN Staff Writer

The Autauga County Board of Education finished conducting interviews last night for the position of Chief School Financial Officer (CSFO). The meeting was held both live and virtually at the Central Office.

Four applicants were interviewed for the position during special board meetings starting on January 18th. The first three people interviewed were Wanda Jackson, Yolanda Williams-Reid and Amber Anderson. Robert Peters was interviewed last night.

School Superintendent Timothy Tidmore said current employer information was not available because that information wasn’t mentioned in the open meetings and some applicants may not have told their employers about the interviews.

The employee hired will replace Alisa Benson, who took a position as CSFO for Chilton County.

District 2 Board Member Jim Manderson said the Board should be finished evaluating candidates and have someone hired in about two weeks.

Autauga County’s Finance Office is responsible for:

·     Financial Administration, Accounting, and Reporting

·     Budget Preparation and Analysis

·     Local School Financial Support

·     Local School Internal Auditing

·     Accounts Payable

·     Accounts Receivable

·     Payroll and Employee Benefits

·     Purchasing

·     Fixed Asset/Inventory Management