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Still Missing – The Case of Susie Osborne and her Son Evan Chartrand; New Podcast Released



A new Podcast released in December includes discussion of the still unsolved case of Susan Osborn and her son Evan Chartrand. The two were last seen over Memorial Day Weekend in 2017 and lived on Waterview Lane near Hwy. 111 in Wetumpka, near the Holtville community.

The Podcast is called Jenson and Holes: The Murder Squad. Billy Jensen is a crime journalist, producer and best-selling author. Paul Holes is a cold case investigator and host.

Evan attended school at Holtville High. Susan was a stay-at-home mother. Much of the information contained within this podcast has been covered many times by our organization, as well as other local and national media. But all of this is worth repeating in the hopes that the families will see justice and some type of closure.

Susie’s family believes she and her son met with foul play and have been very vocal on who they think is behind it all. However, to date, no one has been arrested in connection to the case, though it remains under investigation by the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office (334) 567-5546.

Aside from the Sheriff’s Office, a private investigator has also been hired to help. The home where Susan and Evan lived with her husband, Jerry, was sold last year, and Jerry moved to another town in the area.

He was questioned by authorities, and search warrants were obtained for the home. Investigators noted that the home had been remodeled, flooring removed, and items within the home burned in a fire pit in the back yard.

Luminol testing showed the possible presence of blood, but DNA tests failed to prove it belonged to Susan or Evan.

Over time multiple search warrants have been issued, bodies of water and large tracts of land has been searched. However, as of this date, there is still nothing official that leads to a change in the case.

To hear the podcast, the link is

You can fast forward to discussion on Susan and Evan’s case which begins at about the five-minute mark.

Susan and Evan’s family have remained steadfast in their efforts to promote information concerning Susie and Evan. You can view a Facebook page “Justice For Susie and Evan” with the latest updates at