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First SEHS Baseball Coach Mickey McCullough Honored with Monument at Baseball Field; Full Ceremony Will be Announced

Mickey McCullough also served as an Assistant Football Coach among his duties in the 1970s.



Top Photo Information: From left are SEHS Principal/Coach Ewell Fuller, 1970 Baseball Team Member and second baseman Tommy George, SEHS Head Baseball Coach D.K. Shuman and Elmore County Public Schools Supt. Dr. Richard Dennis.

Stanhope Elmore High School Baseball Coach D.K. Shuman is pretty excited about a new monument near the baseball field at the school.

It recognizes the works of Coach Mickey McCullough, who served as the schools first baseball coach back in 1970.

The stone was placed last week, but Coach Shuman said there will be a “Big To Do” honoring Coach McCullough at the first Home game as well as members who served on his first team.

The plan to place a monument to honor Coach McCullough, who is alive, was pushed by Dr. Danny Ingram, who played on the original team. It was a group effort by SEHS and alumni who played on that first team back in 1970.

Representing the Alumni from the 1970-71 Team as the monument was installed last week was Tommy George, of Millbrook. He was a second baseman for the original team under Coach McCullough.  Also there were Elmore County School Supt. of Education Dr. Dennis, SEHS Principal Ewell Fuller and Baseball Coach D.K. Shuman.

Dr. Dennis was wearing an original team Baseball Jersey that was found in storage a few years ago. Principal/Coach Fuller also has one displayed in his office.

Coach Shuman said it is important to remember all of those who have been a part of the SEHS baseball team throughout the years. As for this year’s season, hope remains that restrictions will loosen in the way of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the team is moving full speed ahead, following all current protocols for safety. In January the team will begin throwing practice, and February 13 the first game is currently scheduled.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, last year’s team lost the ability to play for two-thirds of the season.

We will have more on the event to officially recognize Coach McCullough, his team members, and dedicate the monument as information is available.

Photo Information from 1970 SEHS Yearbook: First Row: Hank Furlow, Jerry Quattlebaum, Jeff Clayton, David Dodd, David McGlamery; Second Row: Larry Tucker, Danny Ingram, Tom George, Stephen Mikell, Mike Henderson; Third Row: Bob Paige, Jim Cobb, Richard Mullins, Joe Collins.

Photo information for 1971 team Yearbook photo: Hank Furlow, Danny Ingram, Steven Mikell, Coach Mickey McCollough, Dwight Cauthen, Willie Robinson, Dave McGlamery, Johnny Snider, Steve Stubblefield, Bob Paige, Mike Henderson, Stan Head, Joe Collins, Tommy George, John Parker and Ronald Larkin.
The monument to honor Coach McCullough was installed in a flower bed last week near the entrance to Furlow Field at SEHS.