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Veteran Prattville Police Officer Mark Harrell Announces Intent to Run for Autauga County Sheriff

From the Campaign to Elect Mark Harrell for Autauga County Sheriff

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Prattville, Alabama 36068-0695




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To the Citizens of Autauga County,

I would like to officially announce my intent to run as your next Republican Autauga County Sheriff. You may ask, why so early and that the Primary Election is not until May 2022?

In Law Enforcement we are in some trying times. Law Enforcement all over our great nation is under attack. Many of our Nation’s leaders are calling for the defunding of Law Enforcement and are also rushing to judgement to prosecute officers without full investigations. There are headlines of Law Enforcement Officers disobeying the Oath they took. This is causing a distrust of Law Enforcement. The Lack of true Leadership in Law Enforcement is causing weak minded individuals to attack and murder our brave men and women in Law Enforcement.

The News is also filled with Law Enforcement leaders kneeling to protesters and taking photo ops. Look no further than many cities in Alabama on the news. This is sad and disgusting to many of us in Law Enforcement to see our leaders cowering to a political mindset that does not reflect the views of great men and women. Law Enforcement is “Supposed” to be A-Political; this keeps us from the appearance of favoritism, prejudice and discrimination. Silence of leaders also instills in weak minds acceptance of these opinions. I will only Kneel to the Cross and I Stand Tall for our Flag that so many have given their lives for.

I would like to be the Citizens of Autauga County voice, a voice of reasoning in Law Enforcement. I will protect our 2nd Amendment right while also protecting the 1st Amendment for Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Protest. I will not hide from the problems that we face as a Nation, in our State and within our County.

No one denies, including Law Enforcement Officers, that what happened in Minneapolis was absolutely wrong. I am an advocate of Law Enforcement Advanced training. The men and women of the Sheriff’s Office should have the best training that can be provided by Citizens of Autauga County. I will strive hard to work with the Autauga County Commission. I will provide the leaders of the County Commission with the information they need to make their best-informed decisions as to the safety and security of their districts, schools and places of worship. The Autauga County Deputies should have the best advanced technology we as citizens can provide, which includes body cameras, in car cameras and body armor.

 I have been in Law enforcement for over 20 years protecting and serving the best City in Alabama, Prattville. I’m currently still employed by the City of Prattville Police Department. The Citizens of Autauga County have a deep respect for Law Enforcement Officers. The many hand waves as we drive by, cards of encouragement, providing of meals and Prayers do not go unnoticed. Thank you!!! I would like to continue my service to you as your Sheriff. I assure the Citizens of Autauga County if elected that the Deputies of Autauga County will meet easily identifiable goals to Protect and Serve.

My duty is to ALL citizens regardless of Politics, Race, Religion, Gender, Nationality, Sexual Orientation, or Opinion. The Deputies will also adhere to this Oath of Office and the Rule of Law. My election to the Office of Sheriff will not be my experiment of Leadership. I have the proven track record of Training, Experience and Leadership. I Lead from the front and will not shy away from tough decisions, even if they are not of popular opinion.

Law Enforcement professionals and my supporters agree that I have what it takes to be the next Autauga County Sheriff. I am not a Politician; I am a Law Enforcement Officer. I will not give up this profession and Oath that I took to satisfy a few people that do not have love our Country, State, and County the way I do.

Thank You for your support,

Mark B. Harrell, Republican Candidate for Autauga County Sheriff