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Humane Society of Elmore County Still Operating Under Restricted Mode

From: Rea Cord

Executive Director

     Everyone is so ready to get back to ‘normal,’ and so are we, but reminder that we are still under the State of Alabama Shelter in Place order through 30 April, so still operating in a restricted mode to keep traffic down and ensure the safety of our staff and the public.  If new guidance comes out this week from the Governor’s office, we will update as well.  To read current operational rules go to our website at, or on our Facebook page by either clicking on the cover photo or reading the pinned post on the page

     We greatly appreciate how the public has stepped up to help stray pets by keeping many of them safe until their owner could be located by using the power of social media (which we also monitor).  We realize this is working because so many more people are at home, but it is helping keep those pets out of the Shelter and getting them back home quickly.  But we are there for strays that a finder simply cannot keep.  On Saturday we were able to reunite a dog that had been missing for eight months because it had a microchip.  A week prior a microchip also helped get a very missed dog back home that a finder had kept for three weeks.  So, if you have found a seemingly lost pet – one of the first things to please do is run it by any Veterinary Clinic or a Shelter to have it scanned for a microchip.  Since all the area Shelters microchip our adopted pets, and, of course, Veterinarians microchip many of their client’s pets, it is always worth checking for a chip. 

     Reminder that situations of neglect, cruelty, dog/cat bites must be handled by respective Animal Control Officer since these are law enforcement matters.  Where you live determines whether to call your city’s Police Department (if inside a city limits) or the Elmore County Sheriff’s Dispatch.  These numbers can be found on our website at .  For a quick reference, these are the numbers to call and all are area code 334:

     If you live inside the city limits of Wetumpka, Elmore or Coosada, or you live in the unincorporated areas of Elmore County, call 334-567-5227.  If you are in Millbrook call 285-6832.  If in Tallassee (on either side of the river as long as inside city limits) call 283-6571. And if in Eclectic call 541-2419.