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Three Prattville Police Officers Recognized at January 21 City Council

By Andrew Edwards

Staff Writer 

Police officers are the backbone of every community. The hard-work, dedication, and resilience that they show on a day-to-day basis is what makes them so special. 

But with that hard-work can come trials and tribulations. Police officers are continuously subject to putting their lives on the line to make sure that we can live in a peaceful and prosperous society.

They wear their badge as an honor, and it was our pleasure to watch several more newly inducted officers officially recognized in front of the Prattville City Council. 

Two officers, Owen Etienne and Mark Lively, were the first to be recognized. They each graduated from the Police Academy on September 24, 2019, and have been released from training to single car duty. 

The third officer was Investigator Jonathan Snyder, who was officially recognized for being promoted to Sergeant on January 12, 2020. 

Each of these police officers had family and friends there to watch them receive their recognition by Mayor Bill Gillespie, who is always honored to participate in moments like this. 

“I appreciate all three of these men’s willingness to serve this community and all of the sacrifices and commitment that they must put themselves through. I look forward to working with and around these gentlemen for years to come,” Gillespie said. 

It is always a great day when our law enforcement receives the respect they deserve. Thank you to the Prattville Police Department and all other public safety groups for everything that you do for us!