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Millbrook Teacher Indicted on Multiple Charges including Theft, Using Position for Personal Gain


A teacher at Millbrook Middle School, and Cheerleading sponsor, was indicted last week by an Elmore County Grand Jury on multiple charges including Theft of Property 3rd Degree and one count of Using A Position for Personal Gain.

Leah Sellers, 51, of Millbrook is now on paid administrative leave from her position at MMS, after school officials learned of her official indictment and arrest. Sellers case was given a “True Bill” on Jan. 16, meaning the Grand Jury found there was enough evidence to send the case to trial. She was booked into the Elmore County Jail and has since been released on $8,500 bond.

The accusation was reported to the Elmore Sheriff’s Office several months ago and investigated cooperation between sheriff’s investigators and the Elmore County Board of Education, according to Supt. Richard Dennis. We spoke with officials about the investigation at that time, but learned recently of her indictment and arrest.

Supt. Dennis said the Board of Education Finance Department launched its own investigation and turned their findings over to the Sheriff’s Department.

The accusations and charges relate to cheerleading funds that were allegedly used by Sellers for overnight stays outside of authorized school functions.

Mandy Johnson is a Senior Assistant District Attorney for Elmore County, and said Sellers was booked into the Elmore Jail after the indictment was executed Jan. 16.

“The indictment was on four counts of theft of property third, and the ethics violation of using her position to unlawfully obtain personal gain for herself. Basically, what that means is that on four different occasions she allegedly, unlawfully obtained unauthorized control over US Currency that was the property of the Elmore County Board of Education. On those four different incidents, the value was more than $500 on each count, but less than $1,500.”

Seller is set to be arraigned Feb. 4 before Circuit Judge Bill Lewis in Elmore County.

We reached out to Sellers for comment, but she declined, saying she will turn the request over to her attorney. We will update if contact is made.