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Woman in Custody After Allegedly Burglarizing Home on Ceasarville Road, Firing Multiple Rounds Overnight


Ashley Apperson, 35, of Slapout is in custody charged with first-degree Burglary and Firing into an Occupied Dwelling.

A woman identified as Ashley Apperson, 35, is in custody of the Elmore County Jail after allegedly entering a home overnight on Ceasarville Road around midnight and firing off multiple rounds while in the home.

So far she has been charged with first-degree burglary and firing into an occupied dwelling. No bond was set at the time of this report.

According to Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin, a man was at home sleeping, but awoke to the sounds of gunfire. He grabbed his personal weapon and went to investigate. About the same time, the man’s son came home and as he approached the door, heard rounds going off in the house. The son unlocked the door and saw the female crouched behind the recliner as well.

The father found the woman about the same time reportedly trying to reload her weapon, a Taurus handgun, and was able to hold her at bay with his AR-15, Sheriff Franklin said. Deputies arrived and took Apperson into custody. Family members updated us saying there were multiple other people in the home at the time as well, and they also helped disarm the woman and keep her on the property until deputies arrived.

“My husband and I were in bed and my mom also in her room,” Alida Faust, who lives in the home, told the Elmore/Autauga News. “My son was returning home for the night and as soon as he put his keys in the door the intruder in my house shot at him through the front door. He was outside coming in and (she) continued to fire eight shots into my kitchen. My son ran back outside and my husband and I cam running down the hall and found her behind the recliner. We took the gun away from her and held her at gunpoint until police arrived.”

“I believe that this is going to be a situation where she was under the influence of something, but exactly what that is has not yet been determined,” Franklin said. “This is an unusual case on a couple of levels, but the most important thing is it’s a miracle that no one was killed last night. This incident is unusual in that home invasions are rare in our county. We may see one home invasion for every 400 or so burglaries. In this case, the suspect is female.”

The matter remains under investigation by the sheriff’s office, but Franklin said he expects he will know a lot more by the end of the day.