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New Life Christian Academy of Millbrook Receives Full Accreditation for 14th Year in a Row


It is with great pleasure, we inform you that the National Private Schools Accreditation Group has announced New Life Christian Academy as being designated as a Class 1, Fully Accredited, Academic Institution for the 14th year with all the rights and privileges pertaining.

This Fully Accredited Status demonstrates that NLCA is committed to Academic Professionalism, assures public confidence in the Private School Educational Mission and confirms their well-deserved reputation.

New Life Christian Academy is an outstanding private school whose quality and dedication to Private Education deserves recognition, support and utilization. We are pleased to include NLCA as an affiliate of National Private Schools Accreditation Group, Inc., a National and International Accrediting Organization for Voluntary Accreditation of Independent Private Schools.

There are approximately 130,000 private schools, (preschool – 12th) located across America, which employ approximately 1.7 million administrators, teachers and support staff. Current enrollment in private schools is estimated to be approximately 13.6 million students, who along with their estimated 23 million parents, share a renewed enthusiasm for private education.

George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt are all outstanding examples of private school students. Private school students on average have better attendance records, fewer discipline problems and “test out” higher than most students attending the public school system. This is demonstrated by using recognized and standardized testing and assessment methods.

Private schools generally operate without the benefit of public tax dollars, have no huge bureaucracy, complex infrastructure and school bussing to support their educational mission. Yet, private schools continue to survive economically and focus on quality education, all while serving solely at the pleasure of the discerning public.

New Life Christian Academy was founded in 1979 as a ministry of New Life Church. Growing from an original class of six students to the current enrollment of over two hundred, NLCA has remained true to its roots while moving ahead for God’s glory. At NLCA, students in K-3 through the twelfth grade receive a quality education that is fully integrated with God’s Word and Christian principles. Because NLCA is a ministry of New Life Church, the church provides classrooms, utilities, equipment and other items necessary to the school’s operation with tuition and registration fees used as a supplement to the cost. Furthermore, it is the policy of NLCA to engage only personnel of Christian dedication, recognized educational training, and successful experience who will complement your child’s Christian home training.

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