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Millbrook Prattville Sunrise Rotary Club Donates Funds to Multiple Organizations

From left are Joe Mathis, Annette Funderburk, Jordan Halloran, David Lewis, David Walters and Tanner Hicks.

By Andrew Edwards

Elmore/Autauga News Staff Writer

Top Photo: From left are Jordan Halloran, Tim Gothard, Jamie Brown and Tanner Hicks. Alabama Wildlife Federation received a check for $5,000.

The first week of May started off on a positive note, as multiple organizations received donations at the Monday morning Millbrook Prattville Sunrise Rotary Club meeting at the Lanark Pavilion in Millbrook.

Marcus Jackson, co-founder of the Marlon and Marcus Foundation, and David Lewis, CEO of Prattville YMCA, both received $1,000 from the MPSRC for their respective organizations.

“It’s an honor to see community support like this take place. David and I have worked together in the past, and I’m blessed to have worked with so many mentors in the Prattville/Millbrook area,” Jackson said.

Jackson, who’s foundation hopes to improve the lives of children and their families in underserved communities, said that God put him into this position for a reason.

“God put us here to serve and to give back. I don’t look at my career in education, or my position on the city council as a job. I’m here to serve. If we’re not serving people in need, then we’re missing the mark,” Jackson explained.

From left are Annette Funderburk, Jordan Halloran, Marcus Jackson, David Walters and Tanner Hicks.

Lewis, who has also served the community in more ways than one in his nine years as Prattville YMCA CEO, had kind words for both Jackson and the Rotary Club.

“They [Millbrook Prattville Sunrise Rotary Club] do a great job of supporting the YMCA and the Prattville/Millbrook Community. Marcus and I have had a lot of conversations about young people, and how we can positively impact their lives,” Lewis said. “We need people in the community who care, and I’m honored to support Marlon and Marcus in their efforts.”

Lewis explained that there’s a plethora of opportunities for people, young and old alike, at the Prattville YMCA.

Bill Myers, Executive Director of the Grandview YMCA in Millbrook.

“If there’s ever a need in the community, on the Prattville side of the interstate, call me and let me know. We’re always looking to find a way to engage a child in a youth sport, or after school care. If there’s a senior adult that needs exercise, or anything else that you can think of, call me, and we’ll figure something out,” Lewis said.

Also present at the meeting was Bill Myers, close friend of Lewis and long-time director at Grandview YMCA in Millbrook. He shared some insight into their YMCA’s Annual Support Campaign, which helps to pay for various scholarships and other among other commission-based programs in the Millbrook area.

“Maybe it’s the senior on a fixed income who can’t afford a membership to remain active, or a single mom who needs childcare and can’t quite afford summer camp fees. These are some of the mission-based programs that I’m proud of that are funded through our YMCA’s Annual Support Campaign,” Myers said.

The campaign, which lasts from early March until Mid-May, can be found at

Also, Jamie Brown and other members of Max Credit Union, presented Tim Gothard, Executive Director of the Alabama Wildlife Federation, with a $5,000 check for their Community Giving 2021 Campaign.

“This is so significant to the Wildlife Federation and to our operations here. Half of this money goes into a scholarship fund to bring youth and students from title one schools here, who may never have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. It also allows us to set up programs at our local schools,” Gothard said. “Working with people like Marcus, Bill, and David – it’s great to be a part of such a wonderful community that’s doing so much for our youth.”