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Krab Kingz in Prattville Bringing More than Just Seafood to the Table

Owners Kieran and Candi Coe said that the reception from the river region community and beyond has been extraordinary.

By Andrew Edwards

Elmore/Autauga News Staff Writer

Independently owned and operated, the Krab Kingz franchise is dedicated to serving delicious snow crab, shrimp, and lobster in a variety of flavors.

Earlier this month, their central Alabama location opened at the High Point Town Center in Prattville. It is located across from Chicken Salad Chick and Chappy’s.

Owners Kieran and Candi Coe said that the reception from the river region community and beyond has been extraordinary.

“We’re aware that this is a really strong, close knit community. The outreach and support has been wonderful and we’re eager to provide the best quality seafood to everyone who walks through our doors,” Kieran said.

People have travelled far and wide to get a taste of the seafood that the Coes say is “unmatched” compared to their competitors.

“The majority of the people who come here to eat are typically from Prattville or Millbrook, but we’ve had customers drive all the way from Columbus, Georgia and Auburn to get a taste of the food,” Kieran said.

Candi, whose family owns and operates BBQ restaurants in Texas, says her experience in the food industry has prepared her for her current title as co-owner.

“I’ve always had a palette for quality food. I only want the best, especially when it comes to Cajun or creole style foods. We make all of our sauces in house, from the cocktail sauce to the butter sauces. Nothing is coming out of a can. Even the fruit punch that we have is a family recipe. We have all these unique flavors, and we really feel like that’s a differentiator and what sets us apart,” Candi said.

The Coes also said that they will serve the best crab year-round, explaining that the seasonal aspect to catching the crustation can sometimes be tricky.

“We do not compromise quality,” Kieran said. “With the crab business, other competitors will switch to Russian crab when it goes out to season to keep costs consistent. It has a much higher sodium content and is simply dirtier. We’re going to always source from Canada or Alaska,” Kieran said.

If you find yourself dining in the restaurant, take a second to notice the tables that you’re eating on – there’s are a story behind them as well.

“We’ve actually been waiting on our furniture for over a month now, so That’s My Child in Montgomery went out of their way to provide us with some tables and chairs in the meantime while we were waiting for that shipment to arrive,” Candi said. “We’re so, so grateful for everything that they’ve done for us.”

Ultimately, the Coes want to stay flexible in the way that they operate things, bringing in change when change is necessary.

“We want to put ourselves in a position to make rapid changes by the day. Anything that comes to us, like undercooked potatoes – we want to solve the issue then and there. We have to ask ourselves: what happened then, what caused it to happen, and how can we prevent it from happening again? When change takes place, it needs to go from the front of the house back to the cooks, and then to the expo line. We actively want to listen to our customers,” Kieran said.

If you have been to Krab Kingz, or are still waiting to go, the Coes are always willing to get feedback from the community. To look at the menu, or to get into contact with the restaurant, check them out on Facebook, give them a call at (334) 356-0357, or email them at