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Read Across America events scheduled by Shoppes of Downtown Prattville

TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 2021 AT 10:15 AM CST – 4:45 PM CST

Read Across America Event

The Shoppes of Downtown Prattville


Event by The Shoppes of Downtown Prattville, Family Support Center and 3 others

The Shoppes of Downtown Prattville

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 10:15 AM CST – 4:45 PM CST

Price: Free · Duration: 6 hr 30 min


Join the Shoppes of Downtown Prattville for a day full of books and fun! This fabulous free event features readings from favorite children’s book titles throughout Historic Downtown Prattville’s Business District!

Schedule of Book Readings & Locations:

10:15 “The Little Blue Truck” at Moon & Melvin

10:45 “I’ll Love You Til The Cows Come Home” at Wandering Coyote

11:00 “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at Sift

11:15 “SkippyJon Jones” at Kudzu and Cotton

11:30 “The Cajun 3 Little Pigs” at Prissy Peacock

11:45 “Beautiful Oops” at P’Zazz

12:00 “Flower Garden” at Family Support Center

12:15 “Who Do You See When You See Me” at AMS Studio

1:45 “The Little Engine That Could” at Fountain City Nutrition

2:00 “Dave the Potter” at Hansen Fine Art & Pottery

2:15 “Just Me and My Mom” at Pinnacle Realty

2:30 “Oh The Places You’ll Go” with Bella Vista in the Creek Walk Garden

2:45 “Pandamonium” at Day Structures

3:00 “The Cajun 3 Little Pigs” at Prissy Peacock

3:15 “Oh The Thinks You Can Think” at The Turtle Shell

3:30 “Alabama, My Home Sweet Home” with Everything Alabama at The Fountain

3:45 Book Title to be announced at West Main Coffeehouse and Creamery

4:00 “The Very Hungary Caterpillar” at Sift

4:15 “SkippyJon Jones” at Kudzu and Cotton

4:30 “The Little Blue Truck” at Moon & Melvin

Location Addresses:

Moon & Melvin @ 143 1st Street

Wandering Coyote @ 175 W Main Street

Sift @ 163 W Main Street

Kudzu and Cotton @ 155 W Main Street

Prissy Peacock @ 146 W Main Street

P’Zazz @ 138 W Main Street

Family Support Center @ 113 W Main Street

AMS Studio @ 119 E Main Street

Fountain City Nutrition @ 179 W Main Street

Hansen Fine Art & Pottery @ 173 W Main Street

Pinnacle Realty @ 157 W Main Street

Creek Walk Garden next door to Bella Vista @ 153 W Main Street

Day Structures @ 141 W Main Street

The Turtle Shell @ 160 W Main Street

The Fountain near Everything Alabama @ 183 W Main Street

West Main Coffeehouse & Creamery @ 167 W Main Street