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Neighborhood Grill in Millbrook Opening Soon: Meet the Owner, Commander-and-Chef Jason Lea

From Jason Lea


Neighborhood Grill & Catering – Millbrook

We are excited about being so close to opening that we wanted to give some insight on some of the people here at the grill!!

▪️Why did you wanted to go into the restaurant business?

“My favorite job in high school was at an independent pizzeria where I fell in love with the restaurant business.  As a young person I really enjoyed the culture and camaraderie with the employees, as I got older I really appreciated my interactions with the customers.  My main motivation for opening my own place was to take control of my own destiny and to provide opportunities for others to grow and reach their potential.”

▪️What’s your favorite thing about the business?

“People! As a manager and now as an owner I get to interact with my employees, the customers and vendors on a daily basis.  We are a people first business and if we treat our staff and employees and vendors the right way then everyone wins!”

▪️What are you most excited about opening this new location?

“It feels good to be wanted, and so far the entire community here in Millbrook have been very welcoming.  I’m so blessed to be in the position to put together a new team of individuals and hopefully see everyone work together to accomplish the same goal.”

▪️What is your favorite thing we serve at the grill?

“As the chef I feel like picking a favorite dish would be like picking a favorite child.”