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Area Students Named to Chancellor’s List for Fall Semester at Troy University

TROY, AL  – Troy University is pleased to announce students who have been named to the Chancellor’s List for the Fall Semester and Term 2 of the 2020/2021 academic year. Full-time undergraduate students who are registered for at least 12 semester hours and who earn a grade point average of 4.0 qualify for the Chancellor’s List. The Fall Semester includes students at the Troy, Ala., campus. Term 2 includes students at TROY’s campuses in Dothan, Phenix City and Montgomery, Ala., along with locations outside of Alabama and online.

Area students on the list include:

Savana Griffin of Millbrook, AL

Baylee Fountain of Prattville, AL

Bailey Wood of Prattville, AL

Morgan Brown of Wetumpka, AL

Morgan Miller of Wetumpka, AL

Anna Lei Singleton of Wetumpka, AL

Jewel Williams of Billingsley, AL

Caitlin Rossip of Deatsville, AL

Laura Phelps of Deatsville, AL

Ansley Drummonds of Deatsville, AL

Ryan Hatfield of Deatsville, AL

Charity Floyd of Deatsville, AL

Catherine Daniel of Deatsville, AL

Avery Myers of Deatsville, AL

Bailey Kamykowski of Millbrook, AL

Kayla Holmes of Millbrook, AL

Chankilttra Osborne of Millbrook, AL

Benjamin Segars of Millbrook, AL

Connor Mathews of Millbrook, AL

Joseph Robinson of Prattville, AL

Kacie Haynes of Prattville, AL

Ashlyn Krell of Prattville, AL

Gabrielle Statom of Prattville, AL

Bonnie Bell of Prattville, AL

Lauren Norfleet of Prattville, AL

Olivia Stewart of Prattville, AL

Kayleigh Duprel of Prattville, AL

Lendon Luker of Prattville, AL

Sarah Farnworth of Prattville, AL

Mykaila Baker of Prattville, AL

Emily Jackson of Prattville, AL

Rachel Simpson of Prattville, AL

Jeremiah Cartwright of Prattville, AL

Keitt Trammell of Prattville, AL

Bryant McCann of Prattville, AL

Makayla Logan of Prattville, AL

Savannah Nelson of Prattville, AL

Shelby Bevan of Prattville, AL

Sawyer Cain of Prattville, AL

Ashlyn Diamond of Tallassee, AL

Jacob Baker of Tallassee, AL

Sydney Brown of Wetumpka, AL

Seth Meadows of Wetumpka, AL

Brendan Carney of Wetumpka, AL

Nicole Tyler of Wetumpka, AL

Ashton Celka of Wetumpka, AL

Emily Thornton of Wetumpka, AL

Christyl Springs of Wetumpka, AL

Joseph Cole of Wetumpka, AL

Jon Tessier of Wetumpka, AL

Ashley Wilcox of Deatsville, AL

Kendrell Hamilton of Millbrook, AL

Sara Ansley of Millbrook, AL

Joannah Scroggins of Millbrook, AL

Brandon King of Prattville, AL

Kristin King of Prattville, AL

Lauren Hunter of Wetumpka, AL

Matthew Graham of Wetumpka, AL

Cierra Harsanyi of Deatsville, AL

Noah Griffin of Deatsville, AL

Joshua Adams of Elmore, AL

Joseph Smith of Prattville, AL

Caitlin Williamson of Prattville, AL

Stefania Jones of Prattville, AL

Molly Dunfield of Prattville, AL

Haylee Osborne of Tallassee, AL

Chelsea Woolsey of Wetumpka, AL

Patrick Miller of Wetumpka, AL

Hayden Sizemore of Wetumpka, AL

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