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PAHS Pet of the Week: Meet Millie! Frisky and Active, Good with Older Children


Our featured pet this week is Millie.

Millie is a 6-month-old female Bluetick Coonhound who must be spayed before she is adopted.  She came to PAHS as an owner turn in because she was not good with her owner’s young children.  Millie is gorgeous with the classic bluetick hound coloring and markings of a basic white coat with black ‘ticking’.  Her coat color is white, with a thickly mottled body, with various shaped black spots on her back, ears and sides giving Millie a speckled-blue look. 

Her head and ears are predominantly black and she does have tan markings, which appear around her eyes, on her cheeks, chest and below her tail, and she has red ticking on her feet and lower legs.  She currently weighs 36 pounds so she is considered to be a medium sized adult dog.  Millie is friendly, sweet, and could be considered affectionate. 

She is quite frisky and would need a securely fenced yard where she could safely exercise and play.  Millie is housetrained but is still working on being leash trained.  She does have the beautiful and soulful bay of a coonhound and she can be loud at times.  Millie would be fine in a home with other dogs but we would not recommend she be in a home with cats or small dogs. 

As we have already mentioned she should not be in a home with young children but would be fine in a home with older children.  This gorgeous girl will be a gentle and loyal friend to her new owner.  Millie would love to be adopted by an active family who would be sure to include her on lots of outdoor adventures.  Please come meet our sweet Millie and see if you could be the family she needs.

Our adoption fee for dogs is $120 and is $50 for cats.  Our adoption fees cover a microchip, microchip registration, discounted spay/neuter, deworming, vaccinations (as age and law requires), and a courtesy vet exam at participating offices.  Unless otherwise indicated under “special needs” our dogs have screened heart worm negative.  

The shelter is located at 1009 Reuben Road in Prattville and regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 11 am until 4 pm.  We will be closed for New Years on Thursday & Friday, December 31st & January 1st.   For more information about our shelter, please call 358-2882, find us on Facebook at Prattville/Autauga Humane Society, email, or visit our website at

Thank you for your help in finding homes for these wonderful pets. 


Ara Horn