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Millbrook Council to Pay for Traffic Study at Hwy. 14 and Creekside Business Park; Area is Under Control of ALDOT



With new businesses already in place, and more coming soon, the Millbrook Council is asking the Alabama Department of Transportation for a traffic signal on Hwy. 14 and Creekside Business Park.

This is the area where Taco Bell was recently completed and Popeye’s is under construction. A large area of acreage behind the Creekside Business Park is also expected to begin development soon, and officials said it is imperative to move forward on traffic signalization for safety.

Resolution 20-60 authorized Mayor Al Kelley to enter into an agreement with Skipper Consulting for professional traffic engineering to perform a study and design traffic signal design services.

Mayor Kelley and councilman met with ALDOT officials last month on site to survey the area, in an effort to convince them of the serious need. Increased traffic in the area has already been noticed, and more is to come as developments continue. Because that area is under the control of the state, Millbrook will pay for its own traffic study at a cost of $33,700.

In relation to this area, the city recently completed an entranceway in between what will be Popeye’s and Jack’s Restaurant that will one day be used for developments planned on the acreage behind Taco Bell, Jacks, Circle K, Urgent Care and Popeye’s. That large area of land was annexed into city limits last year. As of today it appears to be the beginnings of a road to nowhere, but it is significant as a very clear sign that more development is coming.

In the event that land on the opposite side of the street sees future development, an entrance to that property could also be tied into signalization. It would allow access to the land on the hill west of Walmart, in the area of the now closed Chevron should development occur.

Below is the resolution passed by Council members Tuesday.





WHEREAS, the City of Millbrook is committed to intersection safety for existing traffic and traffic from future development; and

WHEREAS, the City requires professional traffic engineering and consulting services to perform a traffic signal warrant study and provide traffic signal design services related to the intersection of Alabama Highway 14 and Creekside Business Park; and

Currently a road to nowhere between the new Popeye’s location and Jack’s is actually a nod to the future. The near 80 acres of land was annexed into the City of Millbrook, and is now in the hands of a developer. At some point, this will be the access point to that property and whatever may come.

WHEREAS, Landmark Engineering & Construction will act as the City’s designated representative.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Millbrook, Alabama, that the Mayor is authorized to enter into an agreement with Skipper Consulting, Inc. for an amount not to exceed $33,700.00.

DONE AND ADOPTED this 22nd day of September, 2020.

Michael Gay

Council President


Anita Weaver

City Clerk

City Council President Michael Gay said, “Long gone are the days when you could exit off I-65 at that exit, and just drive straight east to Ingram Road.”

While some have complained about the number of traffic signals already along Hwy. 14, officials said it is a matter of safety. With growth comes a greater need for control of the traffic in that area. In essence, Millbrook continues to grow, multiple subdivisions are under construction, new businesses are coming. Suffice to say, the once sleepy little town isn’t sleeping anymore.

This is not the first time the city has paid for its own traffic study to prove a need for signalization along Hwy. 14. For years city officials stressed the need for a signal at Hwy. 14 and Grandview Road after numerous serious accidents with injuries and multiple fatalities.

The city was finally successful in that venture last year, after ALDOT agreed it was needed. There have been no fatalities at Hwy. 14 and Grandview since the signals were installed.

Work at Popeye’s is clearly evident in the Creekside Business Park.