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Napier’s Truck from ‘Hometown Take Over’ Spotted All Over Wetumpka Recently; Sign of Things to Come

By Gerri Miller

Staff Writer-Elmore/Autauga News

Ben Napier’s truck from Home Town Take Over on HGTV was spotted in downtown Wetumpka by several of our readers recently and now we know why!

Shellie Whitfield, executive director of the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce, said the producers came to do some casting videos and that the truck sightings have prompted excitement all over town.

She said for now the producers are headed out of town and they haven’t yet chosen the properties they will select for makeovers. “We hope to know in a month or so,” Whitfield said.

Ben and Erin Napier announced in July that Wetumpka has been selected for a Home Town Take Over.  At least a half million photo and video submissions representing more than 2,600 towns across the U.S. were entered.

And we aren’t talking about one or two houses – it’s a whole town!

 “It’s one gem of a classic, small Southern town, but one not without its share of challenges and a need for some structural and aesthetic enhancements,” the couple said about Wetumpka on the network’s website.

Whitfield said the Napiers are actually filming two shows at the same time and that the other town getting a makeover is Laurel, Mississippi.

She said many of the people on the production crew visiting Wetumpka live in towns such as Atlanta and California. “Wetumpka is getting recognized by people from all over the country – it’s a pretty big deal,” she said.

“It’s super surreal,” Whitfield said. “What amazes me is that what you see on television is exactly what you get. Everyone is super kind – they are just good people.”

 Home Town Takeover is a six-part docu-series that will premiere on HGTV in 2021.

We are sure there will be many more sightings and are anxious to see what Ben and Erin have in store for Wetumpka!