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Elmore County Commission Adopts $31 Million Dollar Budget for Fiscal Year 2021


During the August 10, 2020, Commission Meeting, the Elmore County Commission unanimously adopted the fiscal year 2021 budget.  The $31 million budget includes items such as:

an allocation for year two of employee merit raises;

reduced worker compensation and liability insurance costs,

absorbs an increase in employee health insurance premiums,

conversion of Tier II employees to Tier I benefits for retirement purposes,

year two of SSUT allocation to the County and Tallassee Boards of Education,

the addition of two new deputy positions,

the addition of an additional 911 dispatcher,

an additional construction crew to assist with municipal, BOE and economic development type projects,

continued rotation of the county fleet to minimize ownership costs,

year two of expenditures of County Rebuild Alabama Funds and Federal Exchange Funds,

the one-time capacity project matches for the Redland Road corridor improvement project and Redland Road/ Firetower Road roundabout project that should begin construction in late 2020, and

operational costs for the new Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout the county.

To see a breakdown of the Elmore County Commission Budget visit: