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SEHS to Post Live Video Thursday at 8:30 a.m. with Updates on Start of School; New Facebook Page is SEHS Mustangs



With so many unknowns about the start of school in Elmore County Aug. 10, Stanhope Elmore High School will do a live video on the SEHS Mustangs Facebook page Thursday at 8:30 a.m., according to Principal Ewell Fuller.

This is a new Facebook page for the school, and can be found at

The former Facebook page is “in jail” right now according to Fuller, so please make a note of the new page, give it some likes and love.

“This will cover our back to school plan and hopefully answer a lot of the frequently asked questions,” Fuller said. “During the live Facebook session, there will be an opportunity where parents can submit questions. I will start the video up here at the front of the school, then give it about 15 minutes, and then move to individual buildings. Any of those questions that they asked I will answer as they pertain to different areas. I expect a lot of questions from freshmen parents. We will explain how FLEX will work, breaks, socialization, social distancing and just the whole list of things.”

Fuller said that dealing with the pandemic has put a strain on everyone from parents, to teachers to staff. He asks for patience as school official navigate new and unknown waters, but is confident the council will weather the storm.

“There is no way one person can do all of this, and it has taken a huge team effort for SEHS,” Fuller said. “We just want to give an overview on that.”

As for the start of school, Elmore County is sticking with teachers coming back Aug. 3 and students coming back Aug. 10.

At last count there are 1,156 students enrolled at SEHS, with the majority returning to campus Aug. 10. Fuller said that as of Wednesday there are roughly 180 SEHS students enrolled in virtual classrooms. “I do understand why some may choose that.”

“It is going to be ‘Game On’ for sure,” Fuller said. “I am ready for it. We are pretty excited about it. There has been a lot of behind the scenes things going on. Conferences with Supt. Dennis, Board members, instructional coaches, teachers, secretaries, bookkeepers…just the whole nine yards trying to put this thing together for the kids. I would like to say that I understand it is going to be an imperfect plan. I am already expecting that. I would ask everyone to be patient. Understand this is a work in progress. I am just happy to have school. Work with us. Other than that let’s go!”

So, tune in at 8:30 a.m. Thursday to the live video at SEHS Mustangs on Facebook, but the entire video will be available on the school’s Facebook page after it concludes.