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ADOC COVID-19 Update: 81 Cases among ADOC Staff Remain Active; 74 Have been Cleared by Medical Providers

From Samantha Rose

Public Information Specialist

Alabama Department of Corrections

ADOC COVID-19 Update

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) was informed via self-reporting that one (1) staff member employed at Bibb Correctional Facility in Brent, Alabama, one (1) staff member employed at Birmingham Community Based Facility/Community Work Center in Birmingham, Alabama, and one (1) staff member employed at the Criminal Justice Center in Montgomery, Alabama, have tested positive for COVID-19. These three (3) individuals promptly self-quarantined under the direction of their healthcare providers.

The ADOC’s Office of Health Services (OHS) has initiated an investigation to determine which, if any, ADOC inmates or employees may have had direct, prolonged exposure to these staff members. Upon completing the appropriate due diligence, OHS will advise any staff with direct exposure to contact their healthcare providers and self-quarantine for the recommended 14-day period, or as advised by their healthcare providers.

Eighty-one (81) COVID-19 cases among ADOC staff and contracted staff remain active. Seventy-four (74) staff members who previously self-reported a positive test have been cleared by medical providers to return to work.

The ADOC has confirmed that one (1) inmate at Easterling Correctional Facility in Clio, Alabama, has tested positive for COVID-19. After exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19, the inmate was tested and placed on level-two quarantine until he was transferred to a local hospital for further treatment. The inmate tested positive and remains under the care of the local hospital. The dormitory in which the inmate was housed remains on level-one quarantine.

Sixty-three (63) total cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed among our inmate population, forty (40) of which remain active.