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Editorial: Business Practices “Gone Wild”

From: Dale Bain

There are at least four Business Practices that are ancient but are swiftly influencing the modern American Economy.  These four have absolutely nothing to do with the Corona Virus whatsoever!  They must continue, or disappear during war, pandemic, natural disaster, or whatever to sustain our economy. The American Capitalistic form of government was developed on these, and we must continue to practice them, or it evaporates completely.  These are:  Convenience, Customer Service, Workmanship, and Price Gouging”!   Our form of Capitalism was/is built on product sales.  If any one of these routines disappear or irritates this method, it affects these four immensely.  Americans who work for and depend on salaries will only BUY or Refuse to Buy when these practices leave a positive or negative impression.

First of all, if Americans are inconvenienced in any way, sales may not happen at this particular location.  Secondly if American (customers) are mistreated, abused, ignored, delayed, or are not REPLY To, sales will not happen at this location either.       Americans are beginning to feel a real squeeze by foreign goods, which are poor workmanship items.  What has happened to the American Workmanship which was practiced and appeared during the early 20th Century??  Everything today seems to come from a foreign “throw-away” culture.  Sales are down on these items, because of very short “half-life’s”. Another business practice that Americans detest is “price gouging” during hard times.  This habit really rears its ugly head during times of disaster, and sickness. This custom is not hid from the American customer at all, but identified immediately when experienced.  This practice happens not only with the immediate retailer, but practiced all the way back up the logistics chain.  A local retailer can present gouging and it is addressed immediately.  However, if the supply chain is purposely delayed up stream, gouging also appears, but is not addressed in a timely manner. Shelves remain “bare” until prices are raised and until American Customers realize this malicious action and refuse to Buy!   

Businesses large and small must recognize these practices or face the consequences.   Governments must also be aware of this disgusting practice and only react slowly to prop-up any business, small or large that deliberately misuse any of these business life chains.  Currently, we are seeing large and small business disappear because one or more of these practices were used during a serious pandemic.  Whether it is the government or the Business community; American Customers do not forget early.