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Elmore County High Schools Graduation Plans

Currently, all Elmore County High Schools are planning graduation ceremonies on May 18- 21. Each school is planning for multiple options depending on Governor lvey’s May 15 address.

If restrictions are loosened on participation, each school will adapt a ceremony to meet the necessary group requirements outlined by Governor lvey.  Each school will conduct ceremonies at the time scheduled, to include virtual options, and record the event.   Based on information being communicated by state authorities at this time, a regular graduation ceremony will most likely not be available as an option until July or August, or possibly later. Many seniors begin to leave home after finishing school in May due to family moves, post-secondary pursuits, military commitments, etc. However, all Elmore County high schools will provide an opportunity for

2020 graduates to receive a graduation ceremony.

If Governor lvey relaxes participation requirements allowing large group assemblies prior to August, each Elmore County high school will possibly provide an on-campus ceremony for 2020 graduates with the opportunity for families to attend.

Each high school principal will communicate to his senior students and their parents the graduation ceremony option to be used and the guidelines to follow. We will continue to monitor the guidelines issued by the state and adjust plans accordingly.