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Millbrook Police Chief Johnson Thanks Grocery Store Workers, Essential Employees who are Keeping Services, Supplies Available during Covid-19

Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson.

Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson said he has been overwhelmed with appreciation during the past few weeks by the hard work of so many people during the COVID-19 crisis.

“I want to take an opportunity to give a shout out to the managers and employees at our local grocery stores here in Millbrook, as well as the truck drivers and vendors that keep them supplied. They have really been overwhelmed during this COVID-19 pandemic and they’ve stood up to the challenge.

“I walk through these stores daily, as do our police officers to make sure the public sees us and the store managers and employees know that we are here for them. I saw stores severely depleted after Governor Ivey issued the shelter in place order last week. I was amazed this week that these stores have mostly recovered. My friends, please join me in saying ‘Thank You’ to these folks.

“Let them know that we appreciate them! And please, just buy your groceries as you normally would. Buy just what you need when you need it! The supply chains will catch up and everyone will be able to get what they need, as they need it. We are ALL in this together. Please stay at home as much as you can, enjoy and love on your family members and be nice to each other! We’re going to get through this. May God Bless You and your families my friends.”

Johnson has a family member who is a nurse, and he understands the pressure on the medical community. As a First Responder, he fully understands the added duties during this time for law enforcement and fire departments across the country as well.

“If you start listing everyone, you leave someone out,” Johnson said. “However, I was just so touched this past week as I walked through the stores, and watched the interaction between employees at grocery stores and anxious customers. This is just new territory for most of us, and certainly for me. I want to thank our area residents, who for the most part have followed orders from the Governor, they are staying home as much as possible, and keeping cool heads. It is very much appreciated! And to those businesses who are struggling right now, thank you. May we never take for granted arguing over where we want to go out to eat again!”

Johnson said that during this time, area departments have been in regular communication with each other throughout Autauga and Elmore counties.

“We stay on top of situations, even in other areas, because potential trouble doesn’t recognize police jurisdictions,” Johnson said. “We are very blessed in our area with experienced, professional first responders who have shown true character during this time. We are going to get through this, and I believe we will be stronger for it. To my brothers and sisters out there on the front lines, God bless you and protect you. May he protect us all.”

Johnson continued, saying he has earned a great deal of respect for area government officials during this crisis.

“In these times, we look to our mayors, our county commissioners, city council and other local government entities. They have risen to the level of true leadership in these times. They are stepping up, stepping out, offering new ideas and plans, all while encouraging their individual areas, and offering hope,” he said. “This is a serious time in our nation, and right here at home. We need serious, educated people, and we are grateful for their true leadership. This goes way beyond politics. It is showing their true concern and dedication for the people they serve across the board. Thank you!”