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Humane Society of Elmore County Makes Significant Operation Changes to Keep Staff Safe

Humane Society of Elmore County News

6 Apr ‘20

The Humane Society of Elmore County is considered an Essential Business during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place order through 30 April. We are essential as an agency to be there for emergency situations concerning domestic animals that require sheltering. But we have made significant changes to our operational procedures so that our staff can remain safe, so that we are not overloaded with animals that have no place to go, and so that we can do our part to reduce human movement at this challenging time.

You can read detailed operational changes on our website at or on our Facebook page by either clicking on the cover photo or reading the pinned post on the page.

Suffice to say we are severely restricting the intake of animals to only those most needing our limited space which means we are NOT accepting owner surrenders including your pet’s litter of puppies or kittens.  We are not accepting any feral cats that have been trapped so please stop any trapping. We ask that most stray animals be left alone since many are not that far from home so they can go back home. If a stray does show up at your home and you can safely let it stay while networking it to find the owner that will help immensely. Please call us immediately at 334-567-3377 to report lost or found pets as we may be able to quickly get them reunited. We can meet you in our parking lot to scan a found pet for a microchip as can any local Veterinarian. Utilize social media like our Lost & Found Pets in Elmore County Alabama Facebook page to post photos of the lost or found pet and please add your phone number to the post to make it faster for you to be reached.

We have suspended adoptions at this time so please do not come to the Shelter to ask to look. BUT, please do look on-line at our adoptable pets to see if we have any that might interest you as this adoption suspension will not last forever. Check out our pets on or our Facebook page or any of the pet adoption sites like or If you see a pet that interests you, please still contact us at so we can send you our Adoption Application. That way when we are able to do adoptions, we will quickly be able to let you know when to come to the Shelter.

Our staff will be at the Shelter every day taking care of our pets, getting them exercise and seeing to their well-being. They are in no danger during this slow down so please do not worry. We are doing fine on pet food but continue to appreciate donations of Bleach, Fabuloso and Dishwashing detergent. And yes, financial donations are also very much appreciated.

Our Tail’s End Thrift Store remains closed for shopping AND donations as well so please hold all of your COVID cleaning donations until we reopen, and they will be most gratefully accepted.

For all those working from or having to stay at home and are lucky enough to have pets – what better time to start a training/exercise routine with your pet to start positive habits for people and pet alike! And training can also be fun tricks or just photo bomb sessions so we would love for you to post your “at home with my pet” photos on our Facebook page for all to enjoy!