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Old Autauga Historical Society to Feature 99-Year-old Lee Audis Gaines and Her Memories


This week, I began a series of interviews with Lee Audis Gaines, a native daughter of AUTAUGA COUNTY, who will celebrate her 100th Birthday on April 7, 2020. She is a special lady full of historic memories!

We will be featuring articles in the Old Autauga Historical Society (OAHS) quarterlies on her life and her recollections of Vine Hill, the old Red Hill School, Billingsley School, Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church, and Autaugaville. Members of OAHS may find more details on the OAHS Facebook page.

We are seeking native residents of Autauga County who are 90 plus years old for a series of living history interviews. Please share this item with anyone who fits the criteria. For more information, contact me through email at

More Information on the Old Autauga Historical Society

This is YOUR invitation to join a NEW organization starting Jan. 1, 2020. The Old Autauga Historical Society will be made up of individuals who will work together to share and preserve the history of Old Autauga. We will share our history to all citizens, and of all races.

ANNUAL DUES ARE ONLY $10 PER MEMBER. At least 80 percent of all dues will be expended annually on special historic projects around the county. Board members will represent their specific district. FUNDS WILL BE EXPENDED. We already have a wish list of projects around the county including old, neglected cemeteries, recognition of remaining old homes, schools, churches, and one old church in Western Autauga County in need of ADOPTION!

Funds will be equally disbursed to regions of the county, except for PRATTVILLE. As an organization, we will relinquish and delegate responsibility for historic activities in Prattville to Autauga County Heritage Association (ACHA). Any remaining funds for the 20 percent administrative expenses, and not incumbered for fourth quarter events, will be re-allocated towards unfinished projects.

We will host Quarterly meetings at different locations around the county. We will rotate locations each year eventually holding meetings in all communities of the county. We will NOT print and mail quarterly publications. However, we will issue digital quarterly publications by email and through our CLOSED-MEMBER ONLY Facebook page, Old Autauga Historical Society. We will send out an annual report at the end of each year to disclose all financial activities, project summaries and proposed activities for the upcoming year.

If you would like to join, enclose a payment of $10 for 2020 membership dues. Make payment payable to Old Autauga Historical Society. Mail it with your name, address and email to Old Autauga Historical Society, C/O Larry E. Caver, Jr., 160 Linda Lane, Prattville, Alabama 36067.