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Prince Tega: Former Edgewood Academy Football Star Pays Visit to School

By Andrew Edwards

Photo from

Elmore/Autauga News

It’s not every day that your local hometown school sends a football player to the collegiate and NFL level. Edgewood Academy is, however, one of the schools that can add themselves to that lofty class.

On Thursday afternoon, Prince Tega Wanogho Jr., current Kansas City Chief and Ex-Auburn Alum, paid a visit back to Edgewood Academy.

“It’s crazy to be back here. I don’t get the opportunity to come back to where I played high school ball very often, so it’s really a blessing,” Tega said.

Tega, who moved to Elmore County after living in Nigeria for 16 years, says the memories that he made here will last him a lifetime.

“I can’t thank my host family enough. There’s also the coaches, the parents and the teachers of the school that have helped me become the person that I am today. I’m still growing, but without them I wouldn’t be where I am,” Tega said.

Tega is still growing – emotionally that is.

The 6’5, 308-pound offensive lineman doesn’t have much more room to grow physically. After only playing one year at Edgewood Academy in the 2014-15 season, Tega moved on to a successful four-year career at Auburn University.

After impressing scouts for his play on the field, Tega was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2020 draft. He now is on the reserve roster for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not only was Tega a talented football player, he had special skills on the hardwood as well.

“I initially thought I wanted to be a basketball player, but when the coaches saw my size they felt like it would be best if I was on the football field,” Tega laughed.

The work that Tega put into the field and in the classroom gained him a lot of support from around the school.

Mary Mann, English and math teacher for the wildcats, had glowing reviews about her former student.

“Every time you saw him in the hallways, he had a smile on his face and was willing to help others,” Mann said. “He’s one of my favorite students who has ever walked through our front doors.”

An assembly was held for Tega in the Edgewood Academy gym on Tuesday afternoon to commemorate their former student-athlete.

“Tega stepped out of his comfort zone when he decided to come from Nigeria and move to Elmore County. That takes a lot of courage. We’re so, so proud of everything that he has accomplished,” said Jay Adams, Headmaster at Edgewood Academy.

Tega address the school in front of a packed gym.

“Finding what you want to do in life can be hard at times, but once you realize what it is, never let go of it,” Tega said. “I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to move here and play, and if you keep pushing and fighting for what you want, you’ll be able to get it too.”

After signing a proclamation, Adams exclaimed that March 11th will now be known as “Prince Tega Day” throughout the school. 

Mimi Findley gives Prince Tega a hug, welcoming him back to Edgewood Academy.