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When Looking to Adopt an Animal There are options, Multiple Websites to Choose From

Humane Society of Elmore County News

Every day we field calls from people asking for particular kinds of pets – puppies or kittens, or certain breeds, or of a particular size. While we have our Adoptable Pets on our website of, we recommend to everyone to check out the major pet adoption websites to search. Either or are fantastic sites to search for pets looking for homes in Shelters and Rescues all over the country. You can define your search by breed, or age, or size, and distance from your town.  You an even set up notifications so that if a pet is listed that meets your parameters you will get an email notification. And there are more than just dogs and cats on these websites as you can search for small pets, birds, horses and farm animals.

We are keeping our available pets current on-line and also advise that these sites are very dynamic as shelters are updating their pets every day as they upload new photos of pets for adoptions and remove those that have been adopted. Available pets can change rapidly as adoption applications are approved and animals are adopted.

Our pets are listed with as much information as we can provide and updated as we learn more about our pets. We have the link to our Adoption Application, our adoption fees and what that covers, and our contact information for our Shelter.

As a direct result of these adoption sites on the internet, we have had adopters come from all over the country to adopt our pets – in the past year from California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Maryland, Georgia, Florida and more.

Especially now, with most Shelters restricting access due to COVID, use the internet to help you find your new best friend. By seeing what is out there and doing an adoption application, Shelters can better help adopters when they come for their meet and greet appointments. Since COVID, most shelters are finding they are actually doing more and better adoptions, as well as experiencing fewer returned adoptions. So give this new system a chance as you may also find this will be the way of the future for helping homeless and unwanted animals.