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Messages of Love: Senior Living Homes Doing Everything Possible to Lift Spirits During COVID-19 Outbreak

By Andrew Edwards

EAN Staff Writer

It’s been a difficult past several weeks across the country as COVID-19 continues to spread more and more rapidly, affecting people, businesses and communities as a whole.

Those who are elderly or have preexisting conditions have especially been warned to stay inside and quarantine while the virus is around, as they are more susceptible to develop severe symptoms from the disease.

That’s why Greensprings Assisted Living Homes in Prattville has really taken this issue seriously, as they are doing everything possible to protect their residents.

“We’re strictly abiding by the CDC guidelines, which has been tough on our residents. They can’t leave their rooms like they once used to, and if they want to talk to one another, they have to open their doors and do it from the doorway. It’s still 6 feet apart, so it’s safe to do,” said Christina Cole, Executive Director at Greensprings. “We have to deliver their food to them as well, so they don’t get the social interaction at meals like they did before.”

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, the staff at the assisted living home has come up with some creative ways to entertain their residents.

They’ve had what they like to call “window activities” which have done wonders for the residents.

“We’ve had some local churches come by and perform concerts outside of the windows for them to enjoy. We’ve also had families come by and bring signs, and other guests who have driven up on vintage motorcycles,” says Cole.

Moreover, the community has sent devotions, coloring books, decks of cards and other games for the residents to play and engage in.

“It’s just been really great. We’ve had such an outpouring from the community and have seen so much support during this difficult time,” Cole said.

To top it off, Baptist Hospital performed a parade in the parking lot of Greensprings at 10:30 a.m. on April 2 as a way of showing their love towards the elderly community.

Greensprings has also given back during this time, as they are participating in the “seniors to seniors” movement, which is where the elderly community sends words of encouragement, through letters, to high school seniors that can’t have a physical graduation this year.

“We wanted to give back to the community as well during this time. We know that we’re not the only ones that have been affected by this crisis, and we felt like the ‘senior to senior’ campaign was something that would interest our residents greatly,” Cole said.

While this time has been very difficult on many people all across our state and country, it’s moments like these that let us know that we’re going to make it to the other side, stronger and better than ever.

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