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As of 1 p.m., Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Rise to 1,179 Across Alabama; Montgomery Jumps to 40 Cases


As of 1 p.m., April 2, 2020, The Alabama Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Dashboard reported 1,179 confirmed cases across the state.

The website can be accessed at

The website is in real time as new reports and statistics come in throughout the business day.

Per the website at 1 p.m. April 2, 2020:

8,619 have been tested at sites across the state.

There are 32 reported deaths, 17 of those confirmed as COVID-19 related.

In our area:

Autauga – 10 Cases, 0 deaths.

Chilton – 14 Cases, 0 deaths.

Elmore – 17 Cases, 0 deaths.

Montgomery – 40 Cases, 1 death.