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Prattville Christian Academy Shows Love for Seniors with Drive-Thru Graduation Regalia Pick-Up

By Andrew Edwards

Staff Writer

Around this time of year, high school seniors would be picking up their graduation regalia from respective clubs and extracurriculars. As schools across the state have been physically closed for the remainder of the year, the question has risen: How will seniors get their graduation gear?

On Tuesday morning, Prattville Christian Academy got creative and made a makeshift drive-through for parents and students to do just that.

Cars swarmed in, as parents and students alike came to pick-up the necessary items. This was a necessary step that PCA took as they are following the CDC guidelines that have been put in place all across the nation.

“Our students and parents have been very supportive of the changes we are having to make right now in order to keep our students safe. The students decorated their cars and dressed in school colors which made the drive through that much more fun,” said PCA’s Upper School Principal, Katie Furr.

In times like these, Furr says the effort to keep spirts high has been challenging, but that PCA is willing to face it head-on.

“I would say that we have been intentional in our approach. We have discussed this as a team quite a few times. We know that families are facing major fears over health and the economy. On a day like today when we let our staff know that they were welcome if they socially distanced, they proved their support. So many staff members lined the road with signs showing their support for the senior class,” Furr said.

As for the date that PCA plans on having a physical graduation, Furr says the school is prepared to move arrangements around if need be.

“We very much hope to go with our original date that is set for the end of May. We have already given families a contingency date for the end of June so that they are able to plan. If we have to move it we will. Graduation is a huge milestone. This senior class has been wonderful and we want to honor them with this ceremony,” Furr said.

Graduation is important, but safety for students is above all. PCA is working in a manner that will allow both to happen.