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Continue to Use Caution in Low-Lying Areas as Flooding Continues in the River Region

By Andrew Edwards 

Staff Writer  

Many parts of the river region are still under flood watches and will continue to be so through the next 24 hours as more rain is expected in the area starting this evening.  

A large portion of that flooding is stemming from the Alabama River, which was, as of yesterday, at 37 feet. That’s two feet over flood stage, and meteorologists predict that the river will crest at around 40 feet as we move into the later parts of Thursday morning.  

As it stands, Cooter’s Pond in Prattville is still open and operational but with the rising water levels there’s always the chance that the status of that could change.  

In Wetumpka, Mayor Willis says all is well in the downtown and surrounding areas regarding any possible flooding from the Coosa River.  

“We’re doing okay here right now. We wouldn’t have any concerns unless the river reached 45 feet, but as of 12 noon we were only at 43.01 feet. We’ve had no issues with any buildings downtown or anything else close to the river. At this time, the river seems to be receding, so you could say we dodged a bullet,” Willis said.  

We’re currently in close communication with the City of Prattville and Wetumpka and will update this story as it progresses.