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Send Your Someone Special a FREE Love Note for the Print Edition of the Elmore/Autauga News!


This week on Wednesday we are running the first round of Love Letters for Valentines in the print edition of the Elmore/Autauga News. We thank our sponsors: Prattville Flower Shop, Rick’s Jewelers, Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce and Bryan Jewelry.

The second round of Love Letters will run in the Feb. 12 edition. If you have not yet sent in a love letter to your someone special for Valentine’s Day, don’t miss this FREE opportunity! There is no charge. Your note must be 50 words or less and include a photo of your choosing. Tell that someone special how you feel or they are appreciated! A loved one, friend, family member….it is your choice!

And it is FREE!!!

Submit your notes to us NO LATER THAN THURSDAY FEB. 6 at Remember, please include a photo!