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Byron Mulder Seeks Position as County Commissioner for District 1

From Byron Mulder

My name is Byron Mulder and I’m running for County Commissioner District 1 of Elmore County. As many of you know, I’m not a politician, and I’m definitely not a salesman. But what I am is a conservative republican who’s not afraid to get my hands dirty and work hard for my community.

I was born and raised in Elmore county, and my family has been around here since the early 1800s. 

I joined the military after high school and served our great nation as an active duty combat veteran for 22 amazing years. 

As a logistics officer in the military, I learned the importance of budgets, contracts, and learned how to deal with a variety of people and companies at the same time with success. I learned how to allocate funds effectively and efficiently. 

After I retired, I decided to move my family back to Elmore county to serve in a different capacity. 

I chose to be a voice for our community. 

If you elect me, you’re electing someone that has a vested interest in our community. Someone that will stand up for what’s right. Someone that will provide transparency and fiscal responsibility at the same time.

I’m not afraid of hard work. I’m not afraid of choosing the hard right over the easy left. 

I’m here to let our voices be heard. 

I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the polls on March 3. 

Thank you,

Byron Mulder