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Lee Hill Challenges for Republican Nomination for Elmore Revenue Commissioner Office

Millbrook resident Lee Hill announces his candidacy for the March 3rd Republican Primary as Revenue Commissioner.

“I am excited to put my name forward for the office of Revenue Commissioner.  I have served the American people in and out of uniform for over twenty years and look forward to serving the people of Elmore county.  My education and experience are perfectly aligned to executing the duties of this office,” Hill said.

Lee Hill laid out three points his campaign is focused on:

1 Accountability.  Public service is a trust, one where the people should expect their officials to be accessible and responsive to their needs.  By keeping a public schedule, Lee Hill will make sure the public is confident in his diligence serving the needs of Elmore county.

2 Transparency.  True transparency requires the public not just have access to tax information, but that they understand and can use it.  Lee Hill wants to increase public knowledge of the revenue office and how property taxes are calculated. 

3 Precision.  Being right the first time is essential to maintaining public trust in the office.   To that end, Lee Hill will ensure products and services are as accurate as humanly possible. 

Lee Hill is a former Army officer and graduate of both Auburn and Tory universities.  He is returning from a three-year assignment with the NATO mission in Afghanistan where he served as a research analyst for the NATO headquarters.  Lee Hill holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a master’s in public administration.