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Prattville Resident, Peg McDonald, Starting Newspaper Reading Club

By Andrew Edwards

Staff Writer 

Are looking for something to do on Thursday mornings other than the daily trip to Starbucks? Well look no further! 

For the last two weeks, Ms. Peg McDonald, 76, has started a newspaper reading club that meets everything Thursday at 8:30 in Jim’s Restaurant. And YOU are invited to join her!

Ms. McDonald has been a resident of Prattville for the last six and half years, and moved here from Upstate New York to be with her family. Recently, McDonald has been searching for activities to do around the city, and ultimately decided to settle with something she feels she does best – talking. 

“This is what I love to do! To talk about current events, listen to other people’s opinions and perspectives, and from there, discuss why they may feel that way,” McDonald explained. 

McDonald is eager for other people to join her and delve into the world of news. 

“I’m a captive hearer. I love to hear about people’s experiences, where they are from, etc. I love listening to other people’s world view’s”, McDonald said with a grin.

She also wants those who may want to attend to understand that the meetings would be a casual, fun and even educational experience. 

“I have no intentions of being someone who takes over these get togethers, or even lead them per say. I want everyone to speak their mind, and be honest about how they feel about current events. This isn’t going to have an agenda format. It will be strictly based on what YOU want to talk about”, McDonald said. 

If you are interested in joining Ms. McDonald’s club, please try to contact her on Facebook – Peg Rose McDonald.