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Millbrook Mayor Al Kelley to run for Re-Election in 2020


Over the past several weeks, I have had many questions regarding the 2020 City of Millbrook mayoral race.  After extensive discussions with family and friends and community leaders, I have decided to announce my plans to seek reelection as the Mayor of the City of Millbrook. 

Millbrook’s election is just under one year away.  During the fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, we are all involved with family, friends and church activities and have little time or interest in a political contest that seems so distant.  After the first of the year, I promise to begin my re-election campaign in earnest.

Tremendous progress has been made over the years to promote Millbrook and place our city on a level playing field with surrounding cities.  This is not an easy or simple task, but one that takes a committed, consistent and dedicated approach.  I am extremely proud of our accomplishments made over the past years.   It is my goal to continue these efforts.

The first day I took office as Mayor of the City of Millbrook, I established an open-door policy that continues to this day.  Please know that if you have questions or concerns, I am available. 

It has been a pleasure to serve this wonderful community and I am so thankful for your continued support.  I look forward to a professional, honest and clean election process with an emphasis on issues, accomplishments and actions.

We appreciate your continued support and ask for your vote in August 2020.