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Autauga County First in State to Participate in Student Poll Worker Internship Program

Autauga County is the state’s first county to participate in the Student Poll Worker Internship program. As of September 1, 2019, eligible high school and college students are now able to work as unpaid poll worker interns on Election Day. Students must be a resident of the county or municipality for which the appointment is made, be at least 16 years of age at the time of the election and must be recommended by a principal, other school official, or the individual responsible for the student’s home instruction program.

High school students must be classified as a junior or senior or the equivalent. Students must be enrolled in a public high school, an accredited private high school, home instruction program, or two-year or four-year higher education institution.

From left are Deb Hill, Autauga County Circuit Clerk; Kim Kervin, Autauga County Probate Judge; John Merrill, Secretary of State; and Joe Sedinger, Sheriff of Autauga County.

Before performing any duties, student interns shall attend all required training for poll workers of the county or municipality and any additional training considered necessary by the officials in charge of the election in the county or municipality. According to the new Act, a student intern who works four or more hours in a day during school hours on the day of an election or any day of training shall be entitled to an excused absence from school.

Kimberly Kervin, Judge of Probate of Autauga County, said that she was proud of the fact that Autauga County is the first county in the state to participate in the program.  “We are very fortunate to have knowledgeable and dedicated poll workers serving in our county and I think this program is a great way for students to not only learn about the election process but also become community leaders,” says Kervin. “We are excited that Prattville High School has 9 students participating in the upcoming Special General Election on November 5, 2019,” added Kervin. “All of the county high schools have been invited to participate in next years Election cycles. I would also encourage any home school students who meet the criteria to apply as well.” Applications can be found on the Alabama Secretary of State website at

The eight students chosen to participate in this year’s program are as follows: Carrington Meade, Tyler Briscoe, Jasmine Smith, Macie Parrott, Zachary Ulmer, Jordyn Schupp, Jaiden Walker and Arieana Richards. On November 1, 2019, the students were honored to be presented with the training certificates by Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill. 

Merrill said, “The Office of the Secretary of State is so excited that the students of Autauga County will be participating as poll worker interns in the November 5 Election to fill the House District 42 seat! It is of great importance that Alabamians remain civically engaged, and that starts with participating in the electoral process. Thanks to Probate Judge Kimberly Kervin for her leadership in recruiting the first student poll workers in the State of Alabama. I would like to encourage others from across the state to get involved through their local county probate offices.”