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Chamber of Commerce Week Recognized in Prattville

Ryan Luchner and Mayor Bill Gillespie.

By Andrew Edwards

Staff writer

Several public officials including Mayor Gillespie, Probate Judge Kim Kervin, City Council President Albert Stiplin and Councilwoman Lora Lee Boone were present Wednesday morning, Oct. 17, at the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce to help celebrate the hard work and effort that the Chamber invests into its community.

Chamber of Commerce week takes place this year from October 14 – 18 and helps to highlight some of the attributions that the chamber provides for the City of Prattville. These attributions can include events and fundraisers that help the advancement of commercial, industrial, civic, and general interest for Prattville and Autauga County.

Ryan Luchner, new chair for the chamber of commerce, started off the ceremony Wednesday morning by thanking everyone for coming out to the event. Luchner gave everyone an idea about what the chamber does for the City of Prattville.

“The vision, the purpose for the chamber of commerce is to attract and retain businesses and to promote high quality of life in Prattville and Autauga County. We do that day in and day out by helping our businesses grow and prosper through our membership effort and through our economic development members. We would like to increase job opportunities for our community,” Luchner said.

Ryan Luchner and Scott Kramer.

Luchner then gave the floor to Mayor Bill Gillespie, who spoke of his admiration towards the chamber.

“It’s just a great day for all of us to come together and celebrate chamber of commerce week. Prattville is such a great community, and part of that is the tireless work that the chamber puts into this city to make it as prosperous as possible,” Gillespie said.

The mayor then gave his proclamation, deeming the week officially one that will celebrate the efforts of our Chamber of Commerce.

After giving his proclamation, Commission Administrator Scott Kramer had a few nice words to say about the Chamber as well.

“This is a day of celebration. We’re so fortunate to have the chamber and the leadership that’s on the board. These guys make my job so much more fun. They tirelessly promote and support Prattville and Autauga County,” Kramer said.

Likewise, Kramer read a proclamation on behalf of the Autauga County Commission to deem October 14-18 “Chamber of Commerce Week”.

After the ceremony, President of the Chamber Patty VanderWal spoke about the importance of the week.

“This week is a recognition of chambers but it’s more, to me, an education piece. Many people might not know what the chamber of commerce’s do, so this recognition is able to promote those things that we are able to do in the community with our businesses – to provide a voice for our business community. We’re trying to grow the community with jobs as well as quality of life,” VanderWal said.

The Prattville Area Chamber of commerce helps to organize a myriad of events throughout the city, such as the Farm City Banquet, Various Ribbon Cuttings, Business Dinners and so much more.

Recently, the chamber hired Woody Hydrick as their new economic developer. With the continued effort of VanderWall, Hydrick and all those affiliated with the Chamber, the city’s businesses are in good hands, officials said.