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Sponsors Needed for Inaugural 2019 St. Andrew’s Day Scottish Dinner in Millbrook Nov. 21



To order tickets for this event, visit

We are looking for sponsors for the 2019 St Andrew’s Day Scottish Dinner to be held at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 21 at the Millbrook Civic Center.

Mark St. Andrew’s Day (the national holiday of Scotland) with the River Region Scottish Society. Order your tickets or reserve a whole table online at

The event will be hosted at the Millbrook Civic Center in Millbrook, Alabama located at 3168 Park Circle, Millbrook, AL 36054.

This is a charity event to raise support for Folds of Honor- an organization that provides scholarships to the children of fallen and wounded service members.

Our music for the evening will be provided by Birmingham, AL’s own – HOOLEY! For over 20 years Hooley has been entertaining people with a mix of traditional Irish and Scottish tunes. Trent Bradford on pipes, whistle, Darci Jones on fiddle, Paul Merryman on guitar & Mickey Hicks on Bodhran and Irish Bouzouki.

Don your kilt, your tam, your sporran and your plaid. Check your sgian dubhs at the door.

Enjoy the sound of the pipes and the laughter of lads and lasses.

Celebrate the haggis at 8 p.m. and raise your glass in a toast to bonnie friends.

Reserve your seats/tables today!

The River Region Scottish Society is a charitable organization (Alabama non-profit, 501C3) doing good while promoting Scottish heritage in the River Region (Millbrook, Montgomery, Prattville, and Wetumpka, Alabama).

Happy We Are Thegither

Here around the ingle bleezin’, wha see happy and see free?

Tho’ the northern wind blaws freezin’, frien’ship warms baith you and me.

Happy we are a’ thegither, happy we’ll be, ane an’ a’;

Time shall see us a’ the blyther ere we rise to gang awa’.

See the miser o’er his treasure gloatin’ wi’ a greedy ee!

Can he feel the glow o pleasure that around us here we see?

Thus then let us a’ be tassin’ aff our stoups o gen’rous flame;

And while roun’ the board ’tis passin’, raise a sang in frien’ship’s name.

Frien’ship maks us a’ mair happy’ frien’ship gies us a’ delight;

Frien’ship consecrates the drappie, frien’ship brings us here the night.

Happy we are a’ thegither, happy we’ve been, ane an’ a’;

Time shall find us a’ the blyther ere we rise to gang awe.

 Thegither=together;  ingle bleezin=blazing fire; blyther=happier;

awa=away;  ee=eye; tassin’=drinking; stoups=tankard; a’=all

Our mailing address is:

River Region Scottish Society

731 Cantabury Ln

Millbrook, AL 36054-3147