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This Month’s Senior Spotlight is Dr.McCormack

SUBMITTED BY  Amanda Kelley

Activity Director | Green Springs Assisted Living

Dr. McCormack was born December 19th, 1950. He grew up in Rochester, New York.  When he was in Junior High his family moved to Jackson, Mississippi. He stayed in Jackson until he finished High School. He attended Rice University where he got his bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1972. He then continued his education at the University of South Carolina where he studies medicine.  He graduated in 1976. He interned with Mobile Health Department for 6 months, 15 months in Internal Medicine and 18 months in General Medicine, both n Montgomery. He was with the Rural Health Clinic of Elmore County for 4 years. Then, he spent 15 years with the Elmore County ER while running a Private Practice. Later, he went on to work with the prison for 15 months and then for 2 years with Special Needs Young adults. He finished practicing medicine in 1997. 

He then went on and bought an old barn and built a cabin in Wetumpka along with some cats. During his prime he loved to go to Music Festivals and make trips to New York to visit the city.  In his free time, he likes to watch movies and go to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. His favorite production was Macbeth and Hamilton.  He also likes to read; his favorite author is Ernest Hemingway.  We have enjoyed having Dr. McCormack as one of our newest residents. He is always a helping hand around the community